Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fabulous new car boot find!!!

Hiya Everyone,

I haven't got a card to share with you today as I've been spending a lot of time going through the mountain of boxes that are still lying around after the house move. It's sooo boring but we've been putting it off due to the amount of work we've been doing on the old house. This weekend is hopefully the last weekend that we will have to spend there but there's only a few little jobs left to do. We were supposed to do it last weekend but we didn't get chance after the car broke down.

Anyhoo, before I go to the old house I wanted to share this fabulous buy I got at the car boot this morning. It is a rotating spice rack with 16 screw top bottles (originally from marks and spencer) that I got for......£2.00!!! I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I really love it as I'm a bit bonkers when it comes to storage!!!

I have had a break from my DT work for a while due to the house move but I am am about to be bombarded with stuff so I will be very busy which will be a definate improvement on the decorating! I am expecting a parcel from Crafters Companion tomorrow (Oooh, can't say anything but......squeal!!!) I look forward to sharing my crafty makes with you all.

Be sure to pop back to see what I do with my fab spice rack!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. LOL ive got one of these on my desk. I emptied all the spices out, washed it out. Now ive got brads, small flowers and beads in each bottle. Great minds think alike lol XXX

  2. Wow girl you are on a roll finding those great bargains! I can see that filled with lovely little embellishments! Hope I do as well tomorrow, it's supposed to be perfect weather for yard saling!
    Blessings Bernie

  3. Cool! you could probably use it for embellishments or embossing powder.

  4. I love this, but am addicted to storage too!! I love little pots, boxes, tubs, etc, and then organising all my stuff, usually by colour so I can grab all things in that colour to embellish my card. You'll have to show us what you use it for in the end. Great bargain too!
    Annette xx

  5. What a fab Car boot find.
    As for moving...I still havent unpacked some boxes and we moved 4 years a go lol so, you sound like youre doing better than I did!

  6. wow Paula - thats the bargain of the century!!! I'll offer you £4 for it making you 100% profit lol... not bad eh! I see those charms that you wanted to sort out (in a previous post) in those little pots... or sweets!!!

    Brill - I need to go to car boot sales but there is no room left in the conservatory to put anything else!

    Have a fun time this weekend - what ever you decide to do - make it fun!!

    Paula x x x

  7. Wow this is fab and perfect for buttons glitter etc.

    Just sent a parcel off this morning to CC and waiting on the next arriving :D all go

    Happy creating sweetie


    Ali x

  8. Ooh! Paula, what a great find. It will be perfect to put all your pretty bits and bobs in and maybe some room left over in case you feel the need to get anymore. Hehe!

    Donna x

  9. Ohhhh Paula, what a fantastic buy. Oh I know what I'd do with it. It would be altered, crackled and all the wee jars wrapped in pretty papers with wee labels on the lids to tell you what contents are in it. And then fill it with pretty wee buttons, charms, beads etc. Brilliant buy. Hope you have fun with it. Lee xx

  10. Great find Paula, I am going to have a look round one tomorrow, weather permitting!

    Pam x

  11. Hi Paula, these are great you could use them for your craft stuff as they are just the right size for those little bits that you want and can't often find until its too late and you have used something else in its place:) Sandra H

  12. Hi Paula, the spice rack is great the jars are just the right size for all those small embellishments we crafters have to have. I hope you get sorted soon and have more free time to craft.
    Trish (-:

  13. Wow that was a bargain. You could put all your buttons in them in their different colours. I like storage too so will have to go and have a look around some car boot sales myself next weekend. :)

  14. what a great find. look forward to seeing what you do with it.
    so this parcel from CC - was it something to do with Hamilton Hamster? i'm guessing that's a new CC character that is on C&C and IW on Weds!
    kathleen mc x