Sunday, 23 March 2014

A wee bit late - Blog candy winner!


Massive apologies to everyone who's been hanging on waiting for me to announce my winner!  I've been so busy with my crafty clearout that I kept forgetting about it.  I've not made anything in the last few weeks as I have literally been getting rid of 1000's of things!  The main bulk of the stuff has gone but I keep adding to it and it's a nightmare to pack and post etc - especially as I have to wait for the wee ones to go to bed.

Anyhoo, the random winner of my candy is 

Congratulations Becky!!! Please contact me on to claim your prize!

I'm getting there with the big clear out slowly but surely - I think I'm a hoarder as well as a crafter - can anyone else relate to that? Lol



  1. Well done to Becky and thanks again Paula for offering this generous candy.

  2. Congrats Becky! Thanks again for the chance Paula!
    I reckon all of us crafters are guilty f hoarding too! lol xx

  3. Congrats Becky! Yes, Paula hehe, I keep looking at new DP's even though I have about 10 pizza boxes full and about 20 paper pads, arghhh!!! Have a great day, XOX Lucy

  4. Congrats to Becky! and thanks again Paula for the chance.
    I have been trying to have a little clear out of old craft bits, only problem is my mum has been to and I seem to have come home with lots of her old not really any better off lol
    Wendy x

  5. Congrats Becky. I think you have to be a hoarder to be a crafter. How could you make anything without some stash??

  6. Congratulations to Becky!!

  7. Omg thank you Paula :) what a surprise!

    Becky x