Thursday, 11 August 2011

Buying and selling crafty stash!!!

Hiya Everyone,

On a sad note my MS doily lace punch just broke so I'm a bit gutted. Haven't had it that long either so I'll need to try get a replacement sorted. On a more positive note I just wanted to share with you the crafty stuff I have bought via facebook. There are loads of people selling their unwanted crafty stuff so I managed to get a few bargains. You can tell there's a recession on Lol as most people would normally keep everything "just in case" but now if they haven't used it in a while it's gone! I too have been selling some unwanted crafty stuff and with the proceeds I have been buying other crafty stuff I do want. I have tried to be good and only buy something that I really want or have wanted for a while.

This is what I have received in the last 2 days.

A chocolate monster stamp - So cute I just couldn't resist...can't wait to ink up that baby £2!!!
Dandelion rabbit stamp - Again, sooo sweet £2.50
Sentiment stamp - A garden without flowers is like a face without a smile £2
MS heart border punch - Been after this one for a while £9
Dienamics notebook top die - £5.50
Marianne icicles die - £4.25

I've bought so much stuff I can't remember what's still to come. Lol

I can't wait to see what the postie brings me today!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Wow, that's some great finds!!! Where on Facebook are you finding all this!??! Is there a specific page you go to where people are selling?? Exciting!!

    Amy E.

  2. I keep refusing to set up a facebook account because my blog and DoCrafts take up enough of my time but now Im hearing about all these fantastic craft goodies going on sale and my palms are itchy!! And seeing your bargains has made the itchy palms worse!! Fantastic bargains Paula, Im glad you were able to get goodies youve been after for a while at a really good price. Have fun with it all. Lee xxx

  3. Wow Great Bargains!! I didn't realize people sell things on Facebook. I'd also like to know where on there you find those things. I just got on FB and still don't really know how it works. Enjoy your goodies!
    Blessings Bernie

  4. Hi Paula, if you contact Martha Stewart about your broken punch I think you will find that they will replace. You have to send a picture of the broken one. I know of a few people this has happened to and MS have replaced it.

    Pam x

  5. Great bargains Paula, I see where I'm going to be looking for some crafty bargains! ...but can you please explain to my hubby why our house will never be clean and tidy again!!!! Lol! Ebay may have to watch out! I guess there's no fees etc to pay if you sell via Facebook....Mmmmm!

    Hugs, Ali x

  6. Thats a good tip Paula, I will have to check it out :) Is there a facebook page for this, or is it done just via networking?



  7. Wow lucky you on such fabie goodies Luv Sue x

  8. Did not know people were selling things on facebook! Is there a specific page? Fab lol of goodies you have! x

  9. I had the same punch break on me - and I hardly used it - and didn't exactly exert any weight on it either. I had my friend swap it through her craft shop for me so I have a brand new one... I think that MS punches are really prone to this, so I've started collecting EK Success punches instead which are much more robust.

    I also have that Dandelion stamp - I bought it off QVC, I also have that MS punch but hardly use that either. Its a good idea to trade in some of your unused stuff for stuff you want - makes sense during these hard times!

    Paula x x x

  10. if you weren't 'abusing' your MS punch (ie using as directed) then i'd contact MS directly and let them know. quite a few people have had their break and MS have replaced them!!
    kathleen mc x