Sunday, 22 May 2011

***IMPORTANT*** SCAL for cricuts

Hiya Everyone,

I have just found out that the SCAL 2 program is being updated to SCAL 3 which will no longer work on the cricut. SCAL 2 is only available for download till 27th May and then suppliers are no longer allowed to sell it. I bought my cricut just before christmas and was hanging about getting it but I've just bought it as I didn't want to miss out. For anybody interested I just bought mine from here. I was sent the activation code to my e-mail within minutes. If you want it get it now!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

NB - I've deactivated the link as they are no longer selling the download - sorry!!!!

Paula. x

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  1. If you bought a Cricut that you can do a firmware update on...don't do it! Word is that ProvoCraft will eventually have an "upgrade" that will render your Cricut useless for using the SCAL 2 software. I plan on keeping my baby bug to use with SCAL 2, even though I'm about to move up to a bigger Cricut for everything else.

    Amy E.