Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tonight's the night!!!!

Hiya Everyone,

Tonight is what you've all been waiting for - Humphrey Corner is being launched on Ideal World at 9pm and is the pick of the day. As part of the run-up to the launch all the Crafters Companion DT were asked to make a step-by-step project so I decided to make a pretty gift bag with matching notecards and envelopes.

To complete this project you will need:-

Humphrey's Corner allsorts CD rom
Crafters Companion ultimate pro and boxer boards
Centura pearl card pastels (I used the lilac)
Collall 3D glue gel
Extra strong glue roller or strong wet glue
Silver mirri card
Normal hole punch
Detail scissors

Print off the Humprey with ballons decoupage sheet onto a full sheet of quality white A4 paper.
Cut out all the parts of the decoupage.
Assemble the decoupage with 3D collall glue gel.
Mount onto centura pearl lilac card and then onto silver mirri card.

Make a gift bag by using two sheets of lilac Centura Pearl card.

Cut two rectangles that are each 17cm x 20.5cm. Score lines at 1.5cm and 4.5cm using the Boxer board on the longer length and then 17.5cm along the shorter length. Always score on the pearlescent side first and then repeat on the plain side. This ensures the pearl side will not crack when it is folded.

Cut away the parts marked on the template above and it should look like the photo below. Do this to both parts.

Find the centre of the box at the top and then use a normal hole punch to make two holes in it. Make up gift bag using extra strong glue rollers or wet glue. Add a strip of ribbon round the centre of the bag then attach the Humphrey topper to the centre of the bag. Attach 2 pieces of ribbon through the holes for handles. Secure with knots to the inside of the bag.

Print off 3 sheets of lilac balloon paper and use this to line the inside of 6 lilac envelopes. (Sounds stupid but make sure the balloons will be the right way up in the envelope as I first did this with them upside down! Lol

By using the CD images in paint copy the image of the Humprey not holding the balloons and then paste into a word document. Resize this image to 3cm and the copy this so you have 6 identical images. Cut these out and stick to the outer flap on the envelope.

Print off 6 lilac notecards onto thin white card. 2 per A4 sheet. Cut these out and trim off the white edges so they are all the same size.

You should now have a pretty gift bag, 6 notecards and 6 matching envelopes that fit inside the gift bag so it would make a lovely gift.

Thanks for looking - If you like this tutorial please leave a comment and I may do others in the future!!!

Paula. x


  1. Brilliant set Paula, not long now :D

    Ali x

  2. Gorgeous Paula lots and lots of thought and effort has been put into this you should be really proud of yourself, i love humphrey with his ballons and the colour lilac goes well with this image well done, and yes i liked this Tutorial look forward to many more....lol :)

  3. Paula gorgeous Humphrey cards and fantastic tutorial.

    Julie xx

  4. WOW! You put so much work and love into your cards and the tutorial! I really liked it and look forward to many more!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the computer advice! I hope to be an accomplished blogger soon!

    Amy E.

  5. Lovely, just waiting for mine to arrive. Tutorial brilliant, thank you.

    Fairly new to blogging but really getting into it.