Friday, 6 May 2011

Me to you stamps - PLEASE READ - Angel Policy

Hiya Everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that there is NO angel policy whatsoever on the new me to you stamp range so you are not allowed to sell ANYTHING you make with them at all. It was not made public before they went on sale as most buyers thought that they would be the same as the other docrafts products but when it was queried it says angel policy details to follow. My crafty friend had her handmade card removed from ebay after it apparently breached Carte Blanche's copyright.

When she contacted them to say she used an authentic stamp etc this is the reply she had back:-

Thank you for your email with regard to your ebay listing. You are correct when you say that the Me to You stamps you purchased are a genuine Carte Blanche product. However purchasing our Me to You stamps does entitle you to create your own cards for your own personal use but it does not entitle you to produce items to then sell for your own commercial gain. We would therefore request that you cease this activity and we recommend that you review the guidance on both eBay and the patents office website.

I for one will not be buying any of their products as there is no point if you cannot sell on an small scale even to friends and family. Shame on Docrafts for not getting the angel policy sorted in place before these products went on general sale as I know loads of people have wasted their money. If I was them I would try and get a refund as the products are not fit for the purpose intended!!!

Rant over - sorry!!! Lol.

UPDATED - Official reply by Docrafts so far:-

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in replying on this topic! A few of you have contacted me and discovered that I have been away on business (I got back late last night!)

Carte Blanche are incredibly lucky to have a brand that is widely recognised. They do a great deal to protect that brand from copyright breaching, and ebay support them in policing this.

Prior to our launch on May 1st, there was no legitate product that had been licensed for card making in the way of stamps etc. As you can imagine, ebay still hosted card sales of images that had been scanned and recreated to be profited from - which then were policed and removed.

We are working with the Carte Blanche team to publish a comprehensive Angel Policy which covers all the topics you are looking for clarification on. For the time being I would recommend that you do not use ebay for selling your cards, as they will be removed from sale. Please note there is no limitation on creating and sending cards to family and friends or creating scrapbook pages with these beautiful products in the mean time.

I will be in touch shortly!

Becks x


Paula. x


  1. thanks for letting us know, i dont think i will bother getting any

  2. Thanks Paula it's nice to have someone in my corner.

    Pjay xxx

  3. Thank you for letting us know! Its really unfair esp for you pjay.
    I certainly wont be buying any more from them in fear of getting in trouble lol!


  4. Thank you for this information

  5. I can kinda see their point in the fact that I could go into Clintons and buy a Me to You Bear card and having bought the stamp and then making ten cards for the price of a stamp (and extra's)... BUT! I dont agree. I think there should be something in place for us to be able to use the images and sell if we so wish.

    If only the shop bought cards were anywhere as nice as the cards I've seen made with the images so far I wouldnt say anything... Carte Blanch shouldnt have released them knowing it would cause up roar in the crafting community!

    Sorry for ranting, but really gets on my nerves when we get taken advantage of time and time again!

    Kimmi x

  6. Hi Paula, thank you so much for publishing this i had no idea! Even Magnolia, let you sell your cards! (i think) So why don't they? So silly, it will certainly make me think twice before buying their products again!!

  7. Hi Paula, thanks for let me know! I also have bought some of this products and now don´t know what to do with it! This is really not fair from Docrafts!

  8. Wow thats so unfair. I bought loads of this range. really dissapointed

  9. Thanks Paula ,i am so glad i didnt buy them now :)

  10. Thanks ever so much for being very informative and letting us know I have over time bought many of these products and even put some cards on EBay now I have nothing on there so thanks again Paula so glad to have found your blog and looking through your blog... Big Hugs Denise xx