Tuesday 20 December 2011

Wedding table plan

Hiya everyone,

As you may remember me telling you I was at a wedding over the weekend.  After offering to make my cousin a table plan when they got engaged about 2 and a half years ago, they asked me 3 weeks before the wedding if I could still do it!  Luckily, I'd just finished a load of DT work so I was still able to do it.

They had a white and navy wintery theme but I was told that they wanted a little thumbnail of various Christmas films rather than table numbers.  I did try adding a few snowflakes but they didn't look right so I left them off.

The easel is mine that I used for my own wedding table planner as is the ornate frame.

The only thing I regret is that I didn't have enough time to get a large sheet of white hammercard as a backing and had to use some smooth card from Rymans instead but I don't suppose anybody cared but me.

I also wrapped and decorated the wedding post box to match that you can just see in the first picture.   

It was a really lovely day and I was so pleased with Tayla as she was so well behaved all day - even in the church.  She had a bit of a snooze on me during the speeches but she was ever so good.  Considering she is only just 12 months old.  We are taking her to see Santa and some real reindeers at a local farm in the next few days as a treat. 

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Wow this is really lovely Paula. Well done getting it done in such a short space of time considering everything else youve been doing!! Lee x

  2. I bet your cousin was over the moon with your work, you did them proud I am certain.
    I used to be a bespoke wedding stationer and the table plan was the bit I loved to really go to town on. However, I did like a little more notice usually.
    By the sound of it (or lack of (sound) in this case) Tayla was a sweetheart for you, you must have felt so proud of her.
    All the best. Linda

  3. Simply gorgeous table planner and I love the ornate easel too.

    Linda xxxx

  4. This is lovely. What a beautiful ornate frame, really sets it off! My sister has asked me to make her wedding stationary for august. I'm feeling the pressure!!!

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