Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Spectrum noir pens - New launch!!!

Hiya everyone,

Winging their way to me as I type is a full set of the fabulous new Spectrum Noir alcohol markers from Crafters Companion that are being launched on friday 22nd July. I was lucky enough to have a sneaky peek at these a few months ago and I have to say they are amazing!!!

It has been decided that as part of the Crafters Companion design team that we should all get sent a set "if we wanted them"....hell yeh - is the sky blue?!? They leave the warehouse today and should be delivered to me tomorrow and I can't wait.

Let me tell you a little about the pens. As you will know the main alcohol pens available are copics and promarkers. The main advantage to the Spectrum Noir pens is that they are 100% designed for crafters - Copics and promarkers were designed for artists and illustrators so they do have disadvantages. The new pens have a fine tip (much finer than the bullet tip of the promarker) and a bigger chisel nib.

The added bonus of the pens is that they are refillable like the copics so you won't have to keep buying new pens!!!

The pens come in 6 packs (RRP £6.99) of one colour so you would get 3 cool shades and 3 warm shades (light, medium and dark). They have been designed in such a way that the blending of the 3 colours will be much more straight forward which is ideal for anybody who found they struggled to get good shading and highlighting. I'm a promarker person normally (just because they were cheaper than copics) but the look and feel of these new pens is second to none.

As far as I know as well as the 6 packs which are the hues of the same colour, there are also add on packs of 24 which are lights, brights, pastels and darks. There will be no duplication as you can get with some of the promarker packs.

The design team will be sharing step-by-step colouring tutorials and more on the Crafters Companion website although they won't be for a couple of days as we haven't even got them yet!

Link to spectrum noir details here (will go live on friday)
Link to the step-by-step tutorials here (will go live next week once they have our tutorials)

Be sure to check these amazing new pens out on Friday - they are a must for any crafter!!!

A little birdie told me there may be a special offer on them for the launch!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Wow, these sound awesome but I just bought a set of 72 Tria markers!!! Look forward to seeing what they are like though!! Hugs xx

  2. WOW How lucky are you !!! a full set... Enjoy playing and making with them... I will keep a look out for them, and hopefully find somewhere that sells that will deliver to me in Portugal xx

  3. WOW what a bonus for you Paula, it is great to try new things. Hope you enjoy them, Judy x

  4. Hi Paula, just watched the Tutorial on the new pens, it was well presented by one of the team members from Crafters companion, the pens look fabulous l'll need to watch this to see what the offer is going to be!:) Sandra H

  5. excited about these i did not know about them oh i do hope they have a good deal on them tfs hugs jayne xxx

  6. How lucky are you!!! Have fun and enjoy your new pens. :)

    I'm sure I will be investing in them myself, but it might take me quite a while to get the full set.

    Happy Crafting! X X

  7. Oh these look exciting, is there a colour chart for them

  8. Very cool! I haven't even though about trying copics on my projects just because they are so expensive and I have so little room already.

  9. These look great, oh no more things to buy lol. Looking forward to seeing your projects with them. Love NJ XXX

  10. When you work with these pens do you use a special type of paper. I usually use Neenah Crest White with the Copics and I was wondering if you do the same with these pens as well. Thanks and I just got the whole set and am hoping they will work for me. They seemed really juicy the little bit I did use them already.