Sunday, 17 July 2011

1st Crafters Companion Demo day!!!

Hiya everyone,

I had my very first demo day yesterday as part of my role as a acredited demonstrator for Crafters Companion. It was at Craft Central Freeport in Fleetwood. The idea is to have local people do workshops in their local areas to cut down on the expenses (travel, etc) costs for the shops wanting to run them. I was made to feel very welcome by Jacqui and Amanda. I met some lovely people and I had a great day although the weather was terrible.

I was demo-ing the Craftwell Ecraft machine which is fantastic - I seriously want one but I've only just bought a cricut expression which I'm ashamed to say I've barely used as I bought it 2 weeks before I had Tayla. The main bonus with the Ecraft machine is that it doesn't need any sticky mats!!! It also has free downloadable software which allows you to cut truetype fonts, weld words/shapes and loads more like other software programs like SCAL or MTC. You do not have to use it with a computer as it is a stand alone machine with the use of SD cards which have tons of images on.

There is also ecraft central which is an online shop where you can buy specific single images for about $1/$1.49 (65p/£1) which is great if you just say want to buy a cupcake image for invites. A problem with cartridges or cards is that you may only use half the images but being able to buy exactly what you want means you get better value for money. The software program allows you to import other SVG images that you may already have bought for a different machine. They are distributed by Crafters Companion and the machine is available on their website for £299 which includes the fundamentals 1 SD card so you can get cracking straight away! Additional SD cards work out at £39.99 and blades are a lot cheaper than other machines at 10 for £14.99 or 20 for £24.99.

And I repeat again - NO STICKY MATS!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Told you that it would go ok! The next one will be a doddle now ;-) The Ecraft sounds super...if I ever get enough pennies I just might treat myself!

  2. Hi Paula, you did a fabulous job yesterday not as bad as you thought!!:) Sandra H

  3. I heard about the ECraft machines a while back and have wanted one ever since. Maybe one of these days!!

  4. Glad it all went well for you Paula.xx

  5. Looks like you had a fabulous day!! Well chuffed for you sweetie.

    ali x