Thursday, 13 January 2011

Blog challenges - Where to find them!!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and have recovered from Christmas and the New Year! I'm not sure I have but with a 6 week old baby it's not like we'll be getting back to normal - I've forgotten what that is Lol! I know it's not what you want to hear but I'm looking forward to next Christmas as Tayla will be 1 and will be much more aware of what's going on. I thought I'd add this really cute piccie of her in her santa outfit!

Anyway, I have decided to keep a regularly updated list of ALL blog challenges in my side bar as a lot of people seem surprised by the amount of challenges I enter with 1 card and often ask me how I find them. I started off by seeing what challenges others were entering so I started making myself a list of challenges by doing some searching. This list was a little out of date so I have deleted anything that hasn't been updated recently or the blogs who have stopped that particular challenge for whatever reason. This way if you're about to make a card you can see what the current challenges are as it may have an impact on what you make. This is what I do and why I can enter so many. They will be listed in alphabetical order from Monday - Sunday and they will have a link back to that particular blog challenge (I have started doing this but it may take me a while to link them all up! - only done monday so far!)

This is not an exhaustive list by any means so I'd be grateful is you would let me know of any blog challenges that would be worth adding to my list that I may have missed.

I also still have blog candy available till 31st Jan which can be found here!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Hi Paula, thanx for the links. I've started doing challenges to give me an excuse to make more cards & you never know, I might win something. lol. I'm also finding it fun to experiment with new ideas just to meet a particular challenge. I will pop regularly to see your new lists. Thanx again.
    Sally x

  2. Hiya Paula!

    I have a list of links on my blog, from monday to sunday if you want to have a look! Took me forever, but it was so worth it lol!

    Have a great evening with your wee one, she is soooo cute hun!

    Hugs Vicky xx

  3. Tayla looks lovely in her santa suit! Don't make the same mistake I did with Morgan and Sian - wish it was the future - they are just with us for a short time and you forget how exhausted you get, after about 5 years, lol. Your list of challenges is e-blooming-normous; I thought I was doing well with 4 and the Docrafts challenges! Guess I will have to pull my socks up. Hugs, Hazel x

  4. Isn't she just beautiful! Make the most of her they grow up soooo fast!
    Off to have a look at your challenge list, it is not something I usually bother with but I might just have a go at one or two :-))