Friday, 7 January 2011

ALL Papermill shops are CLOSING!!!!!!!

Hiya everyone!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I just thought I'd let you know that ALL the Papermill shops are closing. As far as I know the only one staying open is the main warehouse in Kendal which is going to stay open for mainly on-line business only. Some stores are closing as soon as the 15th January so all staff are being made redundant which some have only just found out about which completely sucks. I had a feeling that is was going this way when they stopped doing the hammercard in the boxes,odd shops started shutting and the stock levels were poor. I am gutted as it was not far from me and it was great for basic cardstock. I'm paying a visit with the MIL on sunday to get a few boxes as I think the Fleetwood one at Freeport shuts on the 22nd January. Luckily, I bought a value box of hammercard on-line from Papermill direct after they stopped doing it in the normal boxes so I've got loads of that. It's a good time to stock up now before your local shop closes.

Paula. x

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  1. Hi Paula, I heard that on the DC forum. I've lost 2 Papermill shops near to me & am really annoyed as I used to get all my card stock from them. Not everyone can afford to pay £30 for a box of card at their online shop. Anyway always like to 'see' what I'm buying if I can.
    Sally x