Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wild orchid crafts blowout!!!

I just thought I'd share the goodies I bought from wild orchid crafts. I'm horrified to say that I spent almost £100 altogether (my hubby was not amused Lol) although it was money that I received from a magazine comission piece so I thought I'd treat myself to some lovely roses as I have loads of flat flowers. I have just had to buy another 16 box really useful cabinet thing to store them all in that cost another £20. I have 3 now containing all my diamantes and flowers all colour co-ordinated. I need my hubby to screw them to my wall now as I need the space on my desk for my new cricut expression that I have barely used as it arrived just before Tayla was born. I really need to play with it but it has been a madhouse for the last few weeks.


  1. What brilliant stash, lucky you!!

  2. Wow Paula! Lots of goodies there. Will you ever use them all? lol.
    Sally x

  3. I'm not sure if I'll use them all but they are so pretty Lol! just spent the last few hours cutting the stems off them all and putting them in my new storage box - that was soooo dull!

    Paula. x