Sunday 16 January 2011

My craft room - UPDATED!!!

Hiya Everyone!

Me and the hubby have been busy for the last few days putting my promarker storage unit and my new really useful unit on the wall as I needed to make some much needed room on my desk for my new cricut expression so I have taken some piccies of my newly updated craft room.

I already had 2 of the really useful storage units which used to sit on my desk. I needed another one when I when at bit mad on paper roses and cherry blossoms from Wild Orchid Crafts - I spent about £95 altogether.... Oops! I have 3 units now which hold my adhesive diamantes/pearls in which I have sorted out into the various colours. They also hold my collection of paper and fabric flowers and my lovely new wild orchid crafts flowers which again are all sorted out into various colours.

On my desk I have some A4 plastic folders which I store stuff I'm in the middle of. The little white unit on the desk is from poundland (2 together) and has various random bits and bobs in such as small round doilies, pretty pins, sparkly stems etc.

Along the top you can see my full set of Tim Holts distress inks which are sorted out into the same order as the colour chart.

Next to them is my new promarker storage which I made (details of which can be found here)

Plonked on top of my promarker storage is my card candy box. I bought about 20 different types and me and my mum spent hours sorting them out into different colours. Yes - I really am that sad Lol!

Next to my promarker storage is my fab magnetic board that I got from IKEA which holds my magnetic little tubs which are also from IKEA. They have clear lid so I can see what's in them. They mainly hold my various brads and eyelets which are sorted out into various colours.

I have a small cheapie box that I store all my metal charms in. They are sorted (kind of) into different categories. I also have a large clear plastic box that has thousands of embellishments in it. Mainly creative flatback buttons as I came 2nd in their category last year in the COTY competition and I got loads and loads of packets so I threw them in the box as well as other random bits and pieces. I really should try and sort them in some way but I'm not quite sure where to start.

To the left of my desk is a shelf unit that holds my boxes of ribbon which you've guess it - are sorted out by colour. I love ribbon/fibres/lace and have loads of it. I know loads of people keep it on the rolls but sometimes you only get 1 metre of each type so I usually just bung it in the right box. If it is a little creased I just use my old hair straighteners and it works a treat to get rid of any kinks!

On the top of the shelf unit are some fab jars that I got from poundland ages ago. They were actually 2 for a pound and were an absolute bargain. They hold my large collection of white flowers which are mainly prima but also some from wild orchid crafts. These I colour in with my promarkers or distress inks if I want flowers that match my project better.

Under my desk I have a massive box of 120gsm printer paper that I bought which is the same as the old Tesco finest printer paper which is now not as good quality so I bought 11 reams off the net so that should last me a while Lol! I also have 2 of these A4 paper cabinets which I got free from a place I used to work as they were throwing them away. They house all my envelopes, cello bags, 6x6 and 8x8 square card blanks. I also have 3 drawers which are full of papermill hammercard. 1 each of white, ivory and cream. They stopped doing it in the fill your own box so I bought a value box from papermill direct.

These are great storage units which are from ikea. I have allsorts in these:-
rubber stamps/nestabilities/sissix dies/punches/beads/gems/christmas stuff and loads of other random stuff that I may barely use but I can't throw it away - just in case Lol! I can just chuck stuff in these with them being opaque but they still look tidy. The brown thing that you can just see the top of is my nursing chair so I can sit with Tayla. I have also just put a travel cot in the corner of the room so I hopefully will be able to spend more time in there in between her sleeps.

The magazine holders are also from ikea and I have 10 of them which hold my assorted cardstock. I have sorted these out into colour although there are a number of textures and finishes in them. I would have loved one of those flat shelf units for A4 card but I honestly haven't got much space left and these utilise the tops of the ikea units well. I have 3 really useful boxes full of 12x12 paper that I've barely touched for ages as it's a nightmare to get at them and to be honest I've forgotten what I've got in there. I also have 3 A4 sized really useful which hold various 6x6 and 8x8 paperstacks which I don't use that often as I tend to use a lot of digi stuff.

My printer stand is actually a kitchen trolley that I also bought from IKEA (you can probably tell - I love IKEA) It has 2 shelves so I put my various papers on the top shelf and my button collection on the bottom shelf.

These cute little jars are also from IKEA and only cost £1.99 for 4. I have loads of buttons and spent an age sorting these out into different colours. I have stuck a button on top of the jars so I can see from different angles what is in the jars.

I think that's about it really. I hope I haven't bored you all silly and have maybe given you some ideas on how to store some of your crafty stuff.

I'm not sure how long it will stay tidy but I'm going to try my best Lol!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Wow your craft room is amazing!
    You are so lucky! I only have about 1/4 of this stash but I'm really organised with it all too, colour and size sorted etc lol, oh and I agree Ikea is great for storage bits!
    :) hyper_ni (DC) x

  2. What a fab craft room. So neat, organised & tidy with great utilisation of storage items. I hope I can do the same (but it won't be until my eldest moves out lol) xx

  3. OMG you are so organised and tidy. You would have a fit if you see my crafting space. x

  4. loving this room and your storage,i like things to be neat and tidy too,fab room,x

  5. Wow, your room is fantastic. I hope one day I can have a craft room too (*wishful thinking*) And you are so organized! I have one huge mess here - I really should do something about it.

  6. Fantastic! will keep coming back here to look at your lovely crafty room! Annx

  7. WOW what an amazing craft room, so organised and tidy. Kathleen x

  8. Your craft room is stunning and well laid out. I thought I was organised but now I know I am not. LOL!!! I think I need another trip to Ikea.

  9. Your craft room is super gorgeous and great storage ideas for all your goodies!! You must never want to come out of! :D


  10. I so need to get sorted after seeing this, Paula! I've still not been to Ikea yet for the Promarker project... LOL! This week, definitely making that trip... all being well ;)

    Meesh. xx

  11. You made us dream!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    This is what most of us desire...

  12. oh this is absolutely gorcieus, what a lot of stuff you have wow!

  13. I know there is no hope for me! :):) This is amazing.....I WISH I could be this organized.....I can't even imagine what all of this cost you....but it was obviously worth every cent.....thank you for sharing this.....I think.... LOL Sandy

  14. Love your space and all you have in it. So nice and organized. Can you tell me what card candy is?

  15. I am in love with your room and the color organization is so tranquil...I love it
    Thanks for sharing:)


  16. Wow! I would be like a child in a candy store just standing, gazing at your room!
    Love the colour organising!

  17. What a wonderful craft room you have!

    And you store your ribbon exactly the same way I do!


  18. I think even Tim Holtz would be impressed how you have organised his distress inks, I hope your room still looks like this! I can't believe how many different items you need to make one card a success. I love how you have sorted your markers.
    Love Trish

  19. love your craft room, plenty of ideas and wonder could you send me the word doc for the promarkers please (such a good idea). I too have loads as hubby bought the whole range for Christmas when they first appeared on market and have just added as and when.I too love ribbons and have tried different ways to store, but fear I have many multi colours that would overflow the boxes, never mind will find a way eventually. love Sue

  20. What a fabulous room with loads of really practical storage solutions. I too sorted my card candy out by colours and it took hours but I am happy with them :)

  21. i think i need you to come and sort my room out paula!!!
    how are the little RUBoxes staying up? are they on a shelf or have you attached them directly to the wall?

    Kathleen Mc x

  22. Love your craft room Paula and the storage solutions you have come up with.....

  23. OMG - is it in the name or what cos I have everything sorted in colour too. I've done the same with my buttons (same jars), ribbon (I have the jars you have your plain prima flowers in - but in the taller ones, I used sort my paper in colour too - but i've bought two tall drawer units (each with 9 drawers) so everything is sorted by type i.e. silk art card, pearlescent, foiled silk art, normal cardstock from papermill - and I too have a separate drawer for my hammered and linen, card in cream and white... all my furniture and little storage boxes/jars are from IKEA too... you don't happen to be a Picean too do you LOL!!!

    Love your room anyway - mine is the conservatory.

    Paula x x x

  24. Oh! my gosh, you must craft for a living? this is an amazing amount of stash, I suppose jealousy will get me nowhere ay? Fabulous room

  25. I am SO envious....
    I have always wanted a craft studio/shop....
    As a hobby or to employ people to do the work for me - I do not have much patience..... but it is growing.

    I absolutely love it!

    So organised.... To Perfection....

    Your hubby must be a star x

  26. Do you know something .. I have been nosing around your craft room .. and we are so alike ( I love Ikea too) , lol You have the same kind os things I have .. like the button jars ( aint they just the best!) and like you but a button on top, lol


  27. What a fantastic idea, using your old straighteners to iron out your ribbon! I'd have never thought of that in a million years! lol

  28. loving your craft room and we have some similar ideas too...
    I used mini hair straighteners(for fringes) to straighten my ribbons and the little ikea jars are perfect for buttons too:D
    Thanks for letting us see your fab crafting room

  29. OK, so I have just turned a funny colour green looking at your craftroom! No wonder you manage to turn out such fabulous projects

  30. wow!!! i'd love to get lost in that room for a few hours!!! :) amazing job of organization! sure looks like lots of crafting fun! :D

  31. Wow! Your craftroom is fantastic!

  32. Niesamowity porządek i wszystko posegregowane - marzę o czymś takim, że nie wspomnę o zasobach jakie posiadasz - mrrrr...Asia3city

  33. super wow! room. Love the arrangement and organization...♥Luanne♥

  34. Wow I love your Room it is just beautiful to look at and I hate to admit it if I could find all that card candy across the pond I'd do the same thing lol
    thanks for Sharing it with us and the marker rack is fab
    hugs Nikki C

  35. Could I please have a copy of the word document for you pen storage as I think it is a brilliant idea thanks Jon