Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WNOYWW - What's not on your workdesk wednesday!

Hiya everyone,

I have just been having a giggle on facebook with some crafty friends about the state of my craftroom as I said it would be easier for me to post What's NOT on my workdesk wednesday rather than the What's on your workdesk wednesday. 

Anyhoo, after everybody saying that their crafty areas were a mess too, I said I thought mine would win as it's a right old state at the moment.  The piccie above is actually from a few weeks ago and although I have tided up since it does look pretty much the same.  I always think that I'll tidy it when I finish my samples but then I receive more stuff for more samples and then I never end up tidying it.  Usually, when I lose my bigshot under all the piles of stuff I know it's time to get a black bag from the kitchen and have a clear out.  I do try and tidy up as I go along, and I do try to throw my DST backings in the bin next to me but after about half an hour everything ends up on the floor!

At lot of people ask me how I manage to fit in all that I do.  It seems that it's because I am very messy and don't have a tidy craft space!  It's definately a work in progress! Lol

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Made me laugh over at desk used to be just the same... it is the sign of a busy crafter with lots of MOJO.... keep crafting and inspiring us all

  2. omg.. what a relief... so my desk is not the only one messy lol lol but as everyone says, this is the sign of a busy crafter!! so keep creating!!!!

  3. Which Inch do you work on Paula??????.lol
    brilliant xx Hope you are well

  4. Uff, na szczęście nie tylko ja mam taki artystyczny nieład, już się bałam że zawsze masz tak poukładane w szufladkach...

  5. This is fab Paula, to me it shows creativity. Mine is a bit of a mess at the moment as it is covered in beading boxes and threads etc as I have been busy making fancy stick pins and crocheting more vintage style lace inbetween bouts of cardmaking.
    Keep up the good work. Linda

  6. Whats up with it... looks "Normal" to me, lol
    Just like mine, lol
    If you tidy , you will never find anything, lol

  7. Looks like a lot of fun to me! Zo x 89

  8. Nothing wrong with this! - you probably know where everything is now!. If I tidy up I can never find anything again.
    x catherine

  9. Paula, I can so identify with this picture! I only put stuff away when it becomes piled so high I can't find stuff. I work on a conference room table and have about a three inch square working space most of the time. Somehow, that works for me most of the time, as does it you it seems.


  10. Mine is worse then yours Paula i cannot even get out of room was changing around and cannot even get out of the door as spare bed is against it,and havent managed to alter it much it looks like it will be same as it was as it didnt work how i wanted it to be,

  11. I can see you are in a state of crafting frenzy, but can also see all the lovely organization you have going on...makes the clean up so much faster! Happy WOYWW!