Sunday, 23 October 2011

My ribbon giveaway - Winner!!!

Hiya everyone,

It's been a very mixed week this week. I'm still upset at losing little Dodger but we did everything we could for him and he won't be suffering any more so I am thankful for that. I got out 4 pouches out yesterday and had to put one back which was a little sad! :(

I have had some really good news too but I've got to keep it under my hat at the moment but I sure you will agree that it's VERY exciting!!! (at least you will when you know! Lol)

Anyway, back to matter at hand - the winner drawn by for the lot of xmas ribbon is KBrandy4 AKA Hazel from Hazel's handmade crafts!!!

If you e-mail me hun, I will post them out as soon as I can!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. Yeah well done Hazel. Thanks so much Paula. Lee x

  2. So sorry about Dodger Paula!! Thank you for drawing my name for the Gorgeous ribbon candy!! I will e-mail you my details.

    Hugs Hazel xx

  3. So sorry about dodger Paula, cant wait to hear your good news though and congrats to Hazel
    Lindsay xx

  4. So sorry about Dodger. It is always difficult to lose a loved pet.
    Congratulations to Hazel!

  5. Just this month we had to "put down" a dog we had for twelve years; it really is awful, even when you know it's for the best.