Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hiya Everyone,

It's a fab day today and is unusually sunny. It made me realise that I'd missed most of the summer decorating which is a shame. Still, I'm looking forward to next year when Tayla will be walking and will love playing outside. I've just spent a fortune an a massive little tykes 8 in 1 climbing frame which we'll put up next year after we get part of our garden fenced off. We are now on a corner with a large garden but it's a little too open at the moment and I want Tayla to be safe!

I have some bad news.....I'm going back to work in October so I only have another 4 weeks left of my maternity leave. I was hoping to go back after christmas but I think we'd struggle so I'm going back on the 3rd. I love looking after Tayla and I'm really going to miss her but I don't really have a choice. Luckily, they're letting me go back monday - friday which means I can still do my workshops and demo days so I'm really pleased about that as I would hate to have given it up! I only craft when Tayla's in bed too so I'm hoping being back at work won't make too much difference to my crafting! (fingers crossed)

Anyhoo, I know you're all dying to know who was picked by to win my fabby Tim Holtz blog candy!!!

***Drum roll, please***

No. 4 - Which is Lee from Craftyloops blog! - Woo-hoo!!!!!

If you get in touch hun, I'll get them packaged up and sent to you!!!

I will be posting my September blog candy shortly (when I dig it out and photograph it Lol) so be sure to pop back - It's some fab christmassy goodies!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Paula. x


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! PAULA!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN TEARS!! OF JOY! My hubby just ran in to see what I was screaming at! I scared the life out of Nimbus! Heeeeeheeeeee, Im so excited, I cant believe it. Oh Paula, thank you so, so much. Right, what am I meant to be doing?? Oh yeah, emailing you. Right, you shall see my email coming through in a wee minkete! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much again Paula, WHOOPEEEEEEE. TIM HOLTZ!!

    I think by my reaction that people will understand where my username comes from. You think?? Lee xx

  2. Congrats Lee! Nice reaction ^^
    Hugs from Finland, Eemeli

  3. Oh Lee, you did make me laugh!!! Congratulations hun, enjoy that fab prize :D

    Paula, I know exactly where you're coming from on the work/SAH front, it's never easy but always worth it! Good luck for your return to work. ;)

    Hugs, Ali x

  4. Paula, Im so sorry I was that excited I didnt even mention anything about you having to go back to work!! So sorry, that was very rude of me. It must be hard for you being torn between wanting to be home with Tayla and having to work to survive. I hope it all works out for you. Big Hugs, Lee xx

  5. Congrats Lee.... and Paula am sure you will fret more than Tayla.. but going back to work is best... SAH gets boring !!!

  6. so happy for Lee, especially after seeing that fab reaction. grins!
    sorry about you having to go back to work though.... can't even imagine how tough that is going to be for you. will be praying. :)

  7. Many congratulations Lee, a super candy and l know you'll just love using it:)Sandra H

  8. Congrats Lee! Nice reaction :) xxxx

  9. congrats to the winner!

    thanx a lot for this gorgeous candy!

    hugs and kisses from germany,
    silvi xoxo

  10. Congratulations Lee!!! Enjoy your candy.

    Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

  11. congrats to the lucky winner ;) enojoy your goodies***

  12. О! поздравляю и радуюсь вместе с вами!!! с большим приветом из России (Сибирь)

  13. Well done Lee! To say you were excited is a bit of an understatement eh? lol.

    Hope all goes well with the return to work Paula, sorry it's had to be a little earlier than planned.